Platinum Sponsor – Lean Construction Institute – Qatar

Lean is not just maximizing value but generating value.

Lean Construction Institute has formally inaugurated in Qatar last 11 December 2019. Redco Construction Al Mana is honored to be one of the founding sponsors of the organization to promote lean construction methods within the country’s construction industry. Lean culture ensures projects are done quickly and efficiently, increase productivity and reduce the overall project costs by eliminating waste, and increasing value in the construction sector.

Redco Al Mana’s CEO, Monjid Abdulmajeed attended the inauguration on behalf of the company and addressed the members:

“Redco Construction Al Mana appreciate greatly the advocacy of applying lean in the construction industry. As one of the large local contractor companies in Qatar, we do share the objectives of “Lean Construction” to maximize the value and output of construction services and at the same time minimize wastage.

Some of the lean initiatives we have started practicing is the use of digital application like BIM, which is a great tool to solve many operational problems and enhance construction productivity. But there are still many things to learn and improve. I am sure that as industry leaders, we would have more and better ideas to help Qatar tackle the challenges faced by the construction industry. That’s why we fully support Lean Construction Institute Qatar to promote and to engage the key-players and spread awareness on the good impact in practicing lean methods in Qatar, and to bring innovative ideas on how our industry can upgrade our services to the community for the continuous development of Qatar in a sustainable manner.”.