RC Al Mana Rebranding

I have always appreciated the paramount importance of a strong brand identity.

Indeed, for any business to survive in the modern world, it is essential to build a highly recognizable brand presence, one that reflects the essence of the company that clearly differentiates it from its competitors, and contributes to building a positive reputation in the market.

However, truly effective branding is so much more than a trademark, a well-designed logo and suitable colours. It must also represent the spirit of its founders, the company’s culture and vision.

With this in mind, we recently set about revamping the RC Al Mana brand.

Rebranding is never an easy exercise, and one that you absolutely must get right, in order not to throw away a hard-won corporate legacy that has been created after decades in the market. But it was a step forward that we were prepared to take, and, we felt, a necessary response to the rapid progression and growth of the contracting industry in Qatar.

After many years of notable achievements and the successful delivery of major projects by RC Al Mana in the Qatari market, and with the increase of the competition and the awarding of landmark projects in the country, the company’s senior management felt the time had come to update and strengthen our marketing and branding, a crucial decision in the next phase of our evolution.

As a leading Qatari contractor with over 20 years of experience locally, RC Al Mana was one of the first construction brands to undertake active marketing in the country, firmly entrenching the company as the most prominent and recognisable in the market.

Subsequently, for the past two decades, our logo has been a visual symbol heralding our founders’ achievements, as well as the successes of those who have since helped affirm the company’s history and myriad accomplishments. Yet though the rebranding’s primary aim was to reflect the maturity, longevity and success of the company, we also wanted it to embody our ongoing relevance in a rapidly modernised world, an equally significant factor that needed to be integrated into the new brand iconography.

Our first step was to introduce the acronym of our company’s name, with the new, succinct ‘RC Al Mana’ also known as ‘RCA’ derived from ‘Redco Construction Al Mana’. This was followed by the transformation of the brand mark itself, which required a modern update, introducing new design elements also to improve visual appeal and brand recognition in the market.

Instead of overhauling the logo completely, our distinctive red and blue icon was retained, but redesigned and updated, keeping the brand’s heritage alive, yet also giving it a modern, bolder refresh. With its sleek and innovative design, the timing of the new RC Al Mana brand could not be better.

Qatar is hosting evermore world-class events, including the world’s largest sporting competition, the FIFA World Cup in 2022. These events can only occur in the country thanks to large-scale construction projects. Naturally, these include many existing projects RC Al Mana is currently undertaking – as well as those we anticipate working on in the future.

Our company aspires to play a central role in the success of these events and of our home country, Qatar.

The brand image of Qatar locally and internationally is not only conveyed through the country’s brands and government initiatives, but also through efforts made in the private sector. And like Qatar itself, the new RC Al Mana branding simultaneously conveys the sense of an innovative, forward-looking company, rooted in strong values and a long history of achievements and successes.

It is, we believe, part of our responsibility as a private Qatari company to ensure our brand contributes positively to Qatar’s positioning as a place where professionalism and openness to the world has enabled tremendous results to date.

Ours is a future rich with possibility and opportunity.

And I’m proud to confirm that RC Al Mana’s new branding is entirely befitting of this aim.

For more information on RC Al Mana, please visit our website here.

Faisal Abdulla KH. Al Mana
Vice Chairman